The hottest Lovol transformers appear in Chenzhou

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Lovol transformers unveiled at the Chenzhou Mining Expo

recently, Lovol, with its four new products, made a shocking debut at the fourth China (Hunan) international mineral and gem Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Mining Expo")

it is understood that the theme of this mineral Expo is "the year of the mineral crystal capital". 2300 international standard booths are set up on site, displaying many rare treasures such as fine mineral crystals, gemstones, semi precious stones, ornamental stones (elegant stones), fossils, colorful treasures and handmade creative designs of jewelry. This Mining Expo lasts five days and will end on May 23. At the same time, the Mining Expo will also hold special activities such as the international mineral Summit Forum of the Mining Expo, mining science popularization and the conclusion of international sister cities. At the same time, it will also carry out a series of colorful geological science popularization activities such as science popularization investigation of mines and mineral producing areas, students' science popularization experience activities, on-site tourists' Taobao, reality Adventure Show - mine experience treasure hunting. The main venue (core exhibition hall) of this Mining Expo is located in Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, there are three sub pavilions, namely, the Museum of nonferrous metals in Chenzhou high tech Industrial Park, the Museum of mineral crystals in Chenzhou Shizhuyuan, and the Museum of geological science popularization in Chenzhou

at this exhibition, national treasure exhibits from all over the world gathered in Chenzhou to compete for excellence. The most noticeable one is the treasure of the museum from American fashion minerals, the world's largest floating copper specimen - 26 tons of natural copper "earth copper heart"

at this exhibition, Lovol heavy industries and Hunan xiangwo mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited Lovol construction machinery national three products. At the same time, Lovol construction machinery was also automatically ejected from Qingdao, indicating that the opened IAA commercial vehicle exhibition to be held in Hanover, Germany, on September 22 (2) 9, will show the production change of composite components made with new adhesives. The torque provided by the fatigue testing machine belongs to dynamic torque products. The spokesperson "Lovol Jingang" was invited to the scene. At the event site, the audience showed great interest in "LOVOL King Kong" and took group photos with it one after another

Mr. Luo, deputy general manager of Hunan xiangwo, said that Chenzhou is a world-famous hometown of non-ferrous metals, with a wide variety of minerals and large reserves. The convening of this Mining Expo has played a certain role in promoting the future economic development of Chenzhou. At the same time, Hunan xiangwo, as an exhibitor, introduced Lovol construction machinery products and effectively spread the Lovol brand. In just one morning, more than 30 customers came to consult Lovol construction machinery products. In particular, LOVOL King Kong model, passers-by audience all took a group photo with the one who further empowered all enterprises in the ecosystem as a souvenir

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