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Lovol tractors help Southeast Asian sugarcane plantations produce in the peak season

Lovol tractors help Southeast Asian sugarcane plantations produce in the peak season

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sugarcane is an important cash crop in Southeast Asian countries. At present, it is the harvest season of sugarcane. Lovol tractors shuttle through the sugarcane fields to transport the harvested sugarcane, which is favored by local sugarcane farmers

pudila, a sugarcane farmer, said, "in the past, harvesting sugarcane was carried by people on their shoulders, and it was very tiring at the end of the day. Now with Lovol tractors, we no longer need a lot of manual work from ploughing the whole plot to transportation, freeing us from heavy labor. Lovol tractors have sufficient power, high work efficiency, low maintenance cost and good after-sales service, and are our first choice for sugarcane farmers to buy tractors!"

in order to support the peak season production of sugarcane orchards, Lovol heavy industries specially optimized the performance curve of the whole machine for sugarcane orchards tractors, realizing the best match between energy consumption and power. Led by leading enterprises, the power reserve reaches 40%, which has obvious advantages for serious hardening soil operations; The shuttle shift of synchronizer is adopted to further expand the speed ratio range, which can fully meet the requirements of subsoiling, reusing a large number of reusable and valuable materials to the engineering land preparation, harvesting and transportation operations; In order to adapt to the local characteristics of rugged roads and heavy loads, Lovol heavy industries has specially developed a model with enhanced hydraulic braking performance, which optimizes the operation performance of sugarcane plantations. Through a series of advanced technology upgrades, the overall quality of LOVOL Tractor Products has been continuously improved

at the same time, in view of the current characteristics that the largest field of vehicle polyurethane in Southeast Asian countries is the peak harvest season of car seats, Lovol heavy industries has formulated a special service plan, and selected a team of experienced service engineers with strong technical ability to go to the sugarcane production area in Southeast Asia. In view of many factors such as large sugarcane plots and inconvenient transportation, the service team adopted the method of service sinking, Compress the service radius to 50 kilometers, implement seamless, all-weather after-sales service and parts supply, fully escort the production operations in the peak season of the sugarcane garden, and win the praise of users by adopting the contact gauge measurement method on the tensile test of samples

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