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Lovol smart agricultural machinery helps build a new benchmark of domestic digital farm for digital seed industry

Lovol smart agricultural machinery helps build a new benchmark of domestic digital farm for digital seed industry

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the autumn wind is cool, and various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials are fragrant for material development. On September 28, on the occasion of the national celebration of the 2020 Chinese farmers' harvest festival, the 2020 autumn smart agricultural machinery digital agriculture field operation demonstration was successfully held in Zibo

at the demonstration site, intelligent equipment such as Lovol corn kernel intelligent harvester equipped with "smart brain", Lovol driverless self-propelled plant protection machine, Lovol unmanned plant protection helicopter, Lovol rotary tillage fertilizer applicator and so on appeared one by one, fully demonstrating a variety of production scenes such as mechanization of crop tillage, mechanization of plant protection, intelligent harvest and so on. The field e-tian Zhilian cloud platform was displayed on the spot, and the participants could watch the real-time picture of the work scene and the real-time data remotely transmitted by the work tools, including the engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, work speed and other vehicle data, as well as the work area, work track, tillage depth monitoring, seeding monitoring, yield monitoring and other work data, in real time, The efficient operation speed and excellent operation effect have won the brand and corresponding performance of Table 3 Goldilocks thin-walled materials, which are highly recognized by field users

"with the monitoring system installed, the machine looks like it has eyes. It can see how much work it has done at a glance, and farming is good and easy!" Looking at the track of the Mercedes Benz tractor in the field running on the E-field Zhilian cloud platform, the machine operators who watched were full of smiles on their faces

"the intellectualization of agricultural machinery is an important part of driving smart agriculture and a key part of developing agricultural modernization", said sunyitian, director of the intelligent technology research and development center of Shandong Academy of agricultural machinery, "We use modern technology to install smart cores for agricultural machinery, expand the smart agricultural machinery to the whole industrial chain, and realize a platform to manage agricultural machinery. Not only the British and American multinational team has changed the traditional agricultural farming methods with theoretical and experimental methods, but also described the new picture of modern agricultural development."

the signing ceremony of Zibo (Huantai) digital seed industry smart agriculture demonstration base project and the unveiling ceremony of Boxin Lovol digital seed industry were also held at the event site

the demonstration base is jointly built by Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Academy of agricultural machinery, Shandong Agricultural University, Lovol heavy industry, Tianjin Yitian technology, Zibo agricultural machinery service center and Boxin Technology Co., Ltd. the cooperative parties will give full play to their respective industrial resources and technological advantages, jointly innovate agricultural technology and management mode, create a national model project of digital agriculture, and through the implementation of the project, Further give play to the leading role of science and technology, promote the popularization and application of smart agricultural machinery and digital agriculture, accelerate the comprehensive development of regional agriculture, make new and greater contributions to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and better ensuring national food security, and jointly contribute "smart power of agricultural machinery" to modern agriculture

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