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Lovol Ceres ge80 domineering

Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine, as the star product of Lovol wheat machine in 2016, has won unanimous praise from users with its stable and excellent market performance, and has established the dominant position in the Central Plains wheat machine market. Now, in order to better meet the market demand, improve product competitiveness and keep improving, Lovol Ceres ge80 wheat machine has gone further and come domineering

Lovol Ceres g, that is, the standard tensile sample is in the tensile state E80 wheat machine

Lovol Ceres ge80 wheat machine, on the basis of Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine, the feeding amount is upgraded, the power is upgraded, and the goal of being faster, cleaner, more comfortable and more reliable is achieved. The machine fully integrates the existing mature technical resources, makes bold innovations, and has not only high technical content, but also excellent performance and strong adaptability

Lovol Ceres ge80 series self-propelled grain combine harvester is mainly equipped with 160 HP Guosan engine in terms of power, which has sufficient power, high emission standards, meets the environmental protection requirements of Guosan, good matching performance of the whole machine, and strong comprehensive competitiveness of products

for the header, the whole machine adopts a wide bridge, with smooth feeding and efficient operation. The header feeding auger adopts a fixed gear guide sleeve, which is solid and durable. The angle of the header is reasonable to avoid the cutting knife eating soil when harvesting with low stubble; The top of reel cylinder is equipped with an adjusting device to meet the height balance requirements of reel under any working conditions

in terms of threshing and separation, the throwing plate separates the threshed materials in advance, reduces the roller load and grain crushing rate, and reduces the entrainment loss, which is especially suitable for the harvest of dry crops. The axial flow drum is a composite drum with large threshing and separation area, clean threshing and complete separation, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and good income. The cleaning area of double screen is 24% larger than that of other models, and the cleaning efficiency is high. The high-speed operation does not scatter grain, and the grain is cleaner. At the same time, the relative motion of the upper and lower screen boxes during the working process of the double screen can offset the inertia force caused by the motion of the screen box, the vibration of the whole machine is small, and the failure rate of parts is low. Lovol patented cleaning load regulating device is adopted to ensure the operation efficiency under different working conditions. The rubbing disc releaser has good releaser effect and is not blocked. The grain lifting capacity is strong, the grain tank volume is large, and the continuous operation time is long. The closed grain unloading cylinder has the advantages of leading technology, fast grain unloading speed, convenient use, multi angle and large-scale grain unloading, and can meet the needs of users in different regions

in terms of the passing performance of the whole machine, the wheel base is appropriate, the machine is stable and conservative, and the estimation is good. The passing ability of rural roads is strong, and the operation transfer is easy to deal with. The steering wheel has large inclination angle, small turning radius, flexible steering and high field harvesting efficiency. The swing ring box is upgraded from single support to double support structure, and the sealing mode of swing ring fork is upgraded and improved, which effectively solves the problems of oil leakage and jamming of the swing ring box, reduces the failure rate of the swing ring box, and improves the reliability by 35%. The plate fin water tank adopts American technology and is specially designed for the harvester, which has higher heat dissipation efficiency and stronger seismic resistance. Raise the dust cover to avoid dirty air, and increase the air inlet area. 5. Correctly install the electronic universal testing machine 0% before verification. At the same time, reduce the air inlet speed of the dust cover to ensure that the grass debris attached to the cover slope will automatically fall under its own gravity when stopping to unload grain. The oil cylinder is upgraded to a double safety card structure, so many unqualified products can still pass the acceptance, and the road transfer is more safe and reliable. The sealing performance of the cab is improved by adding sealant, sealing sponge, sealing ring, etc., and the air conditioning system is equipped to increase comfort. The hydraulic control main clutch is convenient and labor-saving, and effectively reduces the operation intensity. The new material shield is not only light, beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also conducive to reducing noise

the development and successful application of Lovol Ceres ge80 series wheat machine has achieved another breakthrough in feeding volume, and the harvest efficiency has been greatly improved, representing the advanced level of China's harvest machinery. It is the most ideal model for upgrading the mainstream models and replacing imported products in China at present. Recently, Lovol Ceres wheat machine has entered the stage of intensive market reserve. We are looking forward to the glory of Lovol Valley God ge80 in the golden wheat field in 2017. (Chen Chen)

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