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New intelligent power product - tengkong technology NPM 502 networked power instrument

Abstract: npm-502 is a networked power instrument developed by Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. It is not only used to measure three-phase AC voltage, current, active, reactive, frequency, power factor, harmonic, three electric degrees and other electrical parameters, but also to measure the output of frequency converters

tengkong technology has recently launched an AC sampling micro RTU NPM 502, which is exquisite and beautiful in appearance design, installed with a standard panel, and can be conveniently installed and used in the monitoring room, power distribution room and operation room. Chip installation process, no external bus, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability

npm largely benefits from the cash inflow of business activities. 502 can accurately measure three-phase AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor, harmonic, three electric degrees and other electrical parameters, and can measure various signals output by the frequency converter. It is equipped with a digital display interface, which can display various electrical parameters with the change of the environment

npm 502 not only has the general function of power instrument, but also can be used as a communication module, which can connect and communicate with the upper computer to realize the function of power protection. So far, NP M502 has provided 2-way RS232 and RS485 interfaces, supported Modbus protocol, supported FFT algorithm, and can calculate subharmonics

at present, the intelligent level of the power industry is constantly improving, and the cost of automation system accounts for an increasing proportion of the cost of the whole process to meet the challenge of finding new solutions to meet the rising temperature of engine components. Highly integrated products are favored by more engineers

about tengkong Technology ():

Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd., its predecessor, Beijing easy control micro Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2002, and its subsidiaries include easy control micro, tengkong automation, tengkong intelligent instrument, etc. its products involve PLC, RTU, communication customs, man-machine interface and other product lines. From the west east gas transmission project to the Olympic Games project, from the Tangjiashan barrier lake to the oil well monitoring of major oil fields, from Baosteel to Yangzi Petrochemical and other large enterprises, tengkong technology has footprints. The company's products rank among the forefront of the domestic industry with an annual sales volume of nearly 10000 sets, and have won the long-term affirmation and support of many users and partners

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