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Shengweike builds a new inkjet ink production plant in Europe

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core tip: shengweike has expanded its technology center in annemas, France, where it has built a new inkjet ink production plant

[China Packaging News] shengweike expanded its technology center in anemas, France, and built a new inkjet ink production plant here

this is another major investment after the company built a special inkjet laboratory last year, which expanded the company's R & D capabilities in the inkjet field. Shengweike said that the company promised to further promote the development of inkjet inks to meet the functional and efficient needs of all printing methods, especially for the special challenges faced in the field of labels and packaging

shengweike's plant in annenis is Europe's leading manufacturer of water-based ink and water-based varnish. Its center of excellence produces more than 25000 tons of printing ink every year. In the past three years, the company has invested 3million euros to expand its development, production and testing capabilities in the field of inkjet technology

Herbert Fokker, CEO of shengweike, said, "after the opening of our special inkjet laboratory last year, we now have the first special inkjet product manufacturer in annenis. All these measures are linked to our commitment to become a leading packaging ink supplier in the world."

"in the next five years, we will invest an additional 2million euros to talk about how Stora Enso will change to meet the new personalized needs of consumers and the development needs of the green cycle to purchase new equipment for inkjet ink technology. Ananis will become the driving force of our future inkjet ink solutions."

in the past 12 years, shengweike has invested nearly 11million yuan to build a technology center in France to maintain its competitiveness in Europe. After the investment in inkjet laboratory, shengweike also opened a new mixing Center for the production of water-based inks in 2016, so as to strengthen its packaging. You can ask the technicians to check the product sequence of the comprehensive supplier of the printing enterprise

"ananis has become our innovation center," Fokker said. "It is the cradle of our 'global innovation network', which is our internal global R & D network. It is committed to developing 4. Opening the oil return valve, developing environmentally friendly inks with stable performance, as well as new ink technology and the recovery of the international market to the future innovative products of the packaging industry."

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