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New IQ monitoring and analysis capabilities, sprint TestCenter is more intelligent

testcenter IQ provides in-depth analysis technology and intuitive reports, and customers' ability to insight and understand the dynamic behavior of the tested system has been greatly enhanced

the world's leading next-generation equipment and network testing, measurement, assurance and analysis solution, Cybertron communications (London Stock exchange listing Code: SPT) announced the official release of sprint test center IQ Cybertron testing Measure and validate important extensions of end-to-end solutions for network and service deployment. With a series of powerful customizable search, charting, reporting and event monitoring tools, the company is equipped with "tall" sales team tools. The TestCenter IQ platform can provide faster fault finding, reporting and test cycles, and all functions are controlled through the new easy-to-use web graphical user interface

the world's leading institutions and laboratories are widely using sprint TestCenter to quickly isolate and show problems, reduce the complexity of network testing, and save a lot of valuable support time and cost for test engineers. The new test center IQ platform takes the lead in realizing the integration of error events and result data in the industry. Through integration and in-depth analysis of real-time monitoring and related system behavior, it provides intuitive reporting and defect isolation capabilities, helps customers quickly answer all kinds of questions, and speeds up the development process of new products and services

if an error event is encountered during the test, the tester will see it at a glance through the TestCenter IQ unique and user's health indicator view. Combined with a powerful context deepening view, health indicators can help users locate specific ports or streams where errors occur. In a very complex large-scale test configuration that may contain thousands of streams, engineers can quickly locate problem streams or ports and immediately solve the problems encountered

14 . When the processing accuracy and assembly process are not up to standard, the lifting frame is raised and the ratchet is stuck with a claw. The new IQ platform can also realize the analysis of historical data, so that users can use new health instructions after the test is completed, and provide new in-depth cognition and analysis ability at any specific time. Through the industry's first general test report, the template can be customized, and engineers can select from the intelligent template and specify the indicators to be included and displayed according to the test type

malathi Malla, marketing and product director of the cloud and IP business division of sibolen communications, said: in the field of extremely high port speed and large scale, sibolen has industry-leading testing capabilities, which enables our customers to create increasingly complex test configurations, thus producing a huge amount of dynamic test result data. Through the new IQ platform, sprint TestCenter is more intelligent, which makes customers have insight and understanding of the dynamic behavior of the tested system less prone to end damage, and greatly enhances the end damage

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