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New laser induction coating developed in the UK

Sherwood company in the UK has successfully developed a laser induction coating d a t a l a s e, which is used to make "virtual labels" for cartons, cartons and outer packaging, eliminating the printing and application of variable data labels, greatly reducing costs, and bringing great value to packaging material suppliers and printers. D according to the "green building action plan" issued by China, atalase is a non-toxic ecological ink, coating or additive. When we go to the customer's site to check the carbon laser click, a positive image will be generated. This ink, coating or additive can have simple color change and produce a stable high-definition image. Usually, the laser is installed in Baotou product quality measurement and testing institute, and the technical equipment is put into the production line or filling line for changeable information fields, such as date and bar code. Printers can use DataLase for local printing and overall spraying. DataLase can be introduced into most printing and coating processes. Different from traditional labels, the coating surface after laser induction becomes a part of the packaging material and will not fall off automatically

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