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The new investment forum of the 2005 autumn global RFID China Summit

the global RFID China Summit (autumn 2005) and the annual meeting of the China RFID industry alliance will be held at Kerry Center Hotel in Beijing from November 4 to 5. At present, the organization of the summit jointly hosted by the electronic label application branch under the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce and the National Technical Committee for container standardization has entered the countdown stage. This is also the first international annual meeting held by the China RFID industry alliance since its inception on April 26. At that time, the global members of the alliance will gather in Beijing to share and summarize the latest technological development and application achievements of RFID in 2005

according to the latest disclosure of the Organizing Committee of the event, this summit will add a "RFID Investment Forum". Senior representatives from Morgan Stanley, IDG and other well-known investment banks at home and abroad will attend the "RFID Investment Forum" and deliver a keynote speech. As the official station of "China RFID industry alliance", the official station "RFID China Forum" will track and report the event in detail

it is reported that this summit will focus on the development process of RFID standards in China, share successful application cases of RFID in the world, and promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign counterparts. Unlike this year's spring summit, the autumn summit has more practical themes, more focused topics and more targeted speeches. For example, from the perspective of industry segmentation, organize a symposium on "the application of RFID in the field of containers"

COSCO Group, which is transforming into an international logistics operator, is now the largest shipping enterprise in mainland China, ranking second in the same industry in the world, with an asset scale of 17billion. The change stiffness is defined as the ability of the spring to resist deformation under the changed load, with 63 ships. Due to the promising shipping prospects, the group has ordered eight cargo ships with a capacity of 10000 containers. COSCO Container Company is a branch of COSCO Group in charge of container business. The company is currently the largest container transportation service provider in China, and the container transportation business will become the pioneer of RFID users in China

the official name of China RFID industry alliance (hereinafter referred to as "R union") is "RFID and electronic tag application branch of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce", and its English name is "RFID China Forum" (hereinafter referred to as "R1"), which was established in the global RFID China Summit (spring 2005). The initiator is shihuakai e-commerce Co., Ltd. and more than 300 other institutions. The competent department of business is China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of information industry, At the same time, it is subject to the supervision and administration of the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China. The first annual meeting of China RFID industry alliance was held on November 5, 2005. At that time, all members of the "alliance" will gather together to discuss the development and future of the "alliance"

according to the Organizing Committee of the event, the speakers who have been confirmed to attend the global RFID China Summit (autumn 2005) and the annual meeting of China RFID industry alliance include Zeng Qiang, chairman and CEO of shihuakai e-commerce Co., Ltd., Wei Jiafu, President of COSCO Group, Huang Yaohui, head of Technology and procurement at Hong Kong International Airport, R. Fraser Jennings, vice president of Savi technology, USA The head of China international shipping container (Group) Co., Ltd. and the senior representative of China container Standards Committee. Heads of relevant departments of the national development and Reform Commission, the development research center of the State Council, the Ministry of information industry and the Ministry of Commerce will be invited to deliver keynote speeches

2005 is a year when RFID technology has grown up in noise and contradiction. People inside and outside the industry have different opinions on the development and future of RFID. Although many industries have begun to pay attention to RFID technology -- such as anti-counterfeiting, quality inspection, logistics, warehouse management, railways, customs, containers, etc. -- due to the high cost of RFID technology, the large-scale application of RFID technology is still in the voice of "thunder is loud, rain is small". However, we must see that RFID technology has indeed begun to play its role in China: the perfect experience of RFID in baggage handling at Hong Kong airport, the plan to install all electronic tags in taxis in Shanghai by the end of this year, and the full adoption of RIFD scheduling system in China's railway system... More and more industries have begun to pay attention to RFID technology and expect the industrialization of technology to reduce the cost of RFID

as one of the busiest airports in the world, Hong Kong International Airport had 38million passengers and 17million pieces of departure luggage in 2004. There are 76 pairs of conveyor belts, and the ratio of originating baggage to transit baggage is 2:1. After the airport used passive UHF RFID technology and implemented a real-time passenger baggage tracking system, the baggage recognition rate increased by 8%. While improving the security of passenger property, it greatly meets the needs of passengers and sets a precedent for airports in other countries and regions. The Organizing Committee of the summit will invite RFID technology experts from Hong Kong International Airport to share this successful application case with participants. There are more than 50 sets of cable fault testers controlled by single-chip microcomputer, the initial products of DTC series detectors, and TC series large screen LCD. It is also understood that 70% of the items sold by Wal mart are produced in China, and China's container production accounts for 90% of the world. As the source of global supply chain, China plays an extremely important role in the optimization of global supply chain management. (Wen/Zeng Li)

information source: Shengying radio frequency

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