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Guangdong Unicom's new international data roaming package

20 will be displayed in the concept car jointly developed with GAC Research Institute. On June 3, 2014, Guangdong Unicom Woxing Tianxia's new overseas data roaming package was officially launched on June 1. Guangdong Unicom post paid users can not only enjoy more preferential outbound data roaming charges, but also expand the range of preferential countries they can choose. This is the first time that Guangdong Unicom has led domestic operators in data roaming services after creating preferential packages for overseas data roaming

tariff reduction zoning consumption

it is reported that after the comprehensive upgrade of overseas data roaming package, the tariff will be reduced, and the roaming traffic will set a new high

after optimization, the 66 yuan daily package will be charged by zone: the package flow in zone 1, including mainstream travel countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, the United States and Macao, is as high as 80mb/day, which is 33% higher than the original package of 60MB/day. Of course, 2. Because the double column tensile machine is double column, the cost is as low as 0.0008 yuan/kb compared with the single column tensile testing machine, which is higher than the prediction of professionals in the industry; Mainly in Europe, the flow of the second region is also as high as 40m/day, and the tariff is only 0.0016 yuan/kb

for users with long travel time or multiple trips within a month, the 166 metadata roaming monthly package is more applicable. It also adopts the zonal charging method, with 100MB in the mainstream direction of zone 1 and 60MB in the European and American direction of zone 2

unlimited use by operators

the new overseas data roaming package of Guangdong Unicom not only breaks the international geographical restrictions, but also is not limited to operators abroad. Users only need to send ktgjmy11 (daily package) or ktgjmy13 (monthly package) to 10010 to open services, that is, they can roam through any operator signal in the regions and countries covered by the package, which is very convenient

at the same time, in response to the World Cup football boom and meet the needs of more users, the upgraded overseas data roaming package not only covers more countries, but also opens a new direction to Brazil (zone 2), so that users can more conveniently experience the professional and customized overseas data roaming package of Guangdong Unicom during their journey in Brazil, and enjoy the wonderful football moments at will

automatic superposition of traffic

in order to provide the most affordable and considerate service to the general public, Guangdong Unicom's new overseas data roaming package not only does not generate traffic and does not charge package fees, but also does not matter whether the daily package or the monthly package. After exceeding the internal traffic, It is also the first kind of 3D printable medical materials developed in South Korea, which adopts the most preferential method according to the user's specific traffic: for example, after a user opens the package on June 66, if the traffic is less than 80m, it will be charged according to the local international roaming data standard. When the charge reaches 66 yuan, it will be automatically converted into overlay traffic packages, which can continue to be used to 80m, and the charge is very flexible

according to the analysis of insiders, Guangdong Unicom comprehensively upgraded the overseas data roaming package, which has obvious advantages in terms of tariff, coverage and service quality, and will become the first choice for citizens to roam overseas

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