Principle of the hottest flame polishing machine

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Principle of flame polishing machine

1. Product principle:

energy equipment that uses electrolytic water technology to extract hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. Hydrogen is used as fuel and oxygen is used for combustion support, which can replace acetylene, coal gas, liquefied gas and other carbon containing gases. It has the advantages of high calorific value, flame concentration, zero pollution, high production efficiency, energy saving and convenience. The schematic diagram is as follows:

II. Scope of application:

1. It is especially suitable for the rapid transparent polishing of the rough side, concave surface, inner hole, curved edge and other special-shaped edges and corners of plexiglass (acrylic) advertising crystal words or craft carving products, so as to solve the problems that ordinary throwing wheels cannot do

2, especially suitable for fast transparent polishing of fine edges of plexiglass products. It is suitable for quick flame polishing of acrylic wool side with various material thickness, which is efficient and simple. It is also suitable for carrying the aircraft to the field environment

3, suitable for precision in jewelry factories, gold stores, dental, glass and other industries. This is due to the pressure increase process, open flame welding, small casting, quenching and annealing of small parts, welding of various metal wires, high temperature material test, etc

III. models and specifications

generally have several specifications, such as one for one, two for two, four for four

one for one: Power 350W, gas production>80l

two for two: power 600W, gas production>150l

four for four: Power 1000W, gas production>230l

the most export growth of one for one is stable and progressive

IV. sample drawing of main engine and accessories

flame gun and supporting various flame nozzles

flame polisher (in use)

flame polisher

polishing schematic diagram

polishing schematic diagram

v. maintain baozhongwang's all-round ability from independent design to manufacturing and processing automotive aluminum materials

1 When it is not used for a long time, the power supply should be turned off to release the residual gas in the machine

2. The electrolyte should be replaced when the continuous time is 1000 hours or the electrolyte becomes dirty. Wash the electrolytic cell with clean water, and then add 25% KOH electrolyte to the electrolytic cell

3. If alcohol and other additives are added to the auxiliary tank during use, the principle of adding them on the same day and pouring them out on the same day should be maintained, so as to prevent alcohol from flowing back into the electrolytic tank due to negative pressure in the tank caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the electrolytic tank, resulting in electrolyte failure. The method of detecting electrolyte failure is that the flame is blue and the flame is weak

4. In thunder weather, the recommended design tension is below: do not use it to avoid damaging the electrolytic power supply

5. When the air pressure in the machine is high and there is no air coming out of the torch, it may be that the flame arrester or the flame arrester core of the torch is blocked. Soak it in warm boiled water for five minutes, and then drain the water and reconnect it for use

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