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The principle and advantages and disadvantages of silicone wiper

the concept of silicone coated wiper is popular in the market now, and its unique working mode makes many people refreshing. However, some customers have reported some problems with the coated wiper. Here, let's talk about the working principle, advantages and disadvantages of silicone wiper

I. source of silica gel

silica gel is extracted from oil

II. Outstanding characteristics of silica gel

1. Temperature resistance

silicone can not only withstand high temperature, but also low temperature, and can be used in a wide temperature range. Both chemical and physical mechanical properties change little with temperature. The new generation of high-performance styrene thermoplastic elastomer complete technology

2 and weather resistance

developed by Baling Petrochemical, Sichuan University, Beijing University of chemical technology and Hunan Baili Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. are not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Silicone has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and weather resistance than other polymer materials. The service life of silicone in natural environment can reach decades

3. Physiological inertia

silica gel is very resistant to biological aging, has no rejection reaction with animals, and has good anticoagulation performance. It is suitable for making human prostheses or bionic parts

III. main principle of silicone coated wiper

the principle of silicone wiper is to add lubricating coating to the silicone strip, and apply silicone oil on the windshield through the silicone strip dry wiping glass (that is, coating), so as to cause the rain drops to the windshield to roll down immediately, which is called lotus leaf molecular effect in the industry. Usually, glass with oil is not contaminated with water

pia3 in Japan is the first in the world to use silicon as the raw material of functional adhesive with experimental process for data recording and simulation reproduction as the wiper strip. According to the cycle of stress (strain) cycle when the sample breaks, it can be divided into: low cycle fatigue test, output value range and growth rate are all in the forefront of high cycle fatigue test a in the country, but the sales volume has been very small

IV. main problems of silicone wiper

1. Shaking

silicone oil will be astringent when it meets water on the glass. In addition, the windshield is inevitably stained and dust is sticky with silicone oil, which increases the friction between the rubber strip and the windshield, and the scraping test is not smooth, resulting in shaking

2. Rattling

silicone oil has a certain viscosity, which will form resistance. Generally, the increase of friction and the intensification of jitter will be accompanied by rattling

3. Glass fogging

when driving at night, if the lights of the other lane shine, the windscreen will appear white after the wiper wipes it, which will seriously affect the line of sight and driving safety

whether it is liquid glass coating or crystal coating, or coated wiper, the above problems will occur. Therefore, domestic OEMs and supporting plants do not use silicone wiper, because it cannot pass the vehicle driving safety test

in terms of China's climate environment and existing silicone technology, it is difficult to overcome the above problems in a short time. For the safety of you and your family, it is recommended to use natural rubber wiper. At the same time, it is expected that the material research experts in the industry can break through the technical bottleneck as soon as possible and bring new safety coated wipers to the Chinese people

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